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Access to all three MLN birth classes totaling over 16 hours of video content covering everything from the final trimester to postpartum

7 Bonus lessons including newborn education, partner support, and more

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We’ve helped thousands of mamas just like you!

"I had the BEST birth and it all happened so quickly! Thankfully I had been practicing breathing techniques from the course while holding ice cubes. Horse breathing was my go-to! I was barely nervous because I felt so prepared for whatever might happen thanks to the thorough info in your course. Thanks so much!"

Birth It Up Student

"I had my first baby in January and had the best experience thanks to your classes. We took the epidural series and that prepared us for it all. Breathing techniques came in clutch for pre-epidural, and I was so relaxed throughout because I knew what to expect from your course. Thank you!! Recommend 10/10!!"

Birth It Up Student

"We took your C-section course and felt completely prepared and comfortable going into the procedure. I felt calm the whole time and was able to let go and trust my birth team. The whole C-section was a really positive experience for us and I loved my birth!"

Birth It Up Student

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CEO / Founder

"I took your Natural Birthing Class and it was so helpful! I labored at home for 7 hours before heading to the birth center, where I had a completely medication free birth. It was intense and magical, and I’m so happy I got the birth experience I envisioned because of all the preparation I did. Thank you!"

Birth It Up Student

"Your epidural course was exactly what I needed for my birth! It was hard to find information about epidural birthing tips without any shame or stigma. I loved that your course gave judgment free and helpful guidance on what to expect. It made me so much less frightened! Thank you!!"

Birth It Up Student

"Birth It Up: The C-Section Series is SO detail-oriented and prepared me for all the things on the day of my delivery!! The nurses, anesthesiologists, and OB were surprised at how much I knew and how calm and relaxed I was throughout my Cesarean. I kept crediting your course, and I truly feel like it played a huge part in how I approached having a major surgery. Thank you so much! "

Birth It Up Student

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder